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245 MM Single Wing Day Use 10 Pcs

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Introducing Flourish 245 MM Single-Winged Sanitary Pads. It is your ultimate solution for comfortable days and nights. 

  • Made of ultra thin organic cotton - Creates a natural and soft touch to the skin
  • 360 degree side leakage protection - Stay fresh and clean all day long
  • Advanced absorption - effectively absorbs up to 245 MM of blood release without any spillage


  • Unique 5 in 1 moxa functional honeycomb chip for the very first time - This technology keeps a women's need in mind!
  1. Anion - Purifies the release and allow fresh air - eliminates odor entirely
  2. Nano Silver - Anti-bacterial, Anti-Microbial, Activates Sterilization - stay rash-free!
  3. FAR IR - Activates blood circulation
  4. Magnetism - Adjusts micro-circulation
  5. Moxa - Dispels Cold, Creates Warmth - ensures a health blood circulation and relieves menstrual cramps

Flourish Pads are Biodegradable - It is as good for the environment as it is for you!