About Us



Beginning with an inspiration, influenced by their rise, I developed a dream to become them and become more than them one day. It all started with a visit to the world of intimate wear, with an observation so intricate and a mind ready to set no limits, I prepared for myself a journey to learn, to design, and to present, what women doesn’t realize can exist.

Apart from the obvious charm of hair up-dos and high heels, I believed in beauty that is beyond the common and with intentions much tasteful, sophisticated and sumptuous. For quite some time – oh, but it has been as long as I can remember – I’ve been striving to build the finest collection of intimate brasseries and lingerie, nightwear and loungewear, with accessories coupled together to offer a sense of completion, all while keeping in mind the different shapes and curves of our female clientele.


To offer a refined sense of feminine beauty, embossed on an armor enveloped around your body that expresses luxury and style with a belief in self and a feeling of self-worth.

Compromising has never been an option for females who crave for insatiable beauty along with ultimate comfort, we envision women achieving satisfied pleasure, intoxicating femininity, passionate sensuality and endless romance, all without compromising with the comfortable fit of our bras, firm fitting of our panties, softness of our loungewears , the soft, silky touch of our nightwears and bambooed activewear staying with you in every sweat.


A single piece of accessory can transform your looks, from amateurish to classy and from unlearned to pro. Search for yourself a bra that speaks “sensual busts” under a tight fitting tee, or the sort that lays you low-key, browse through our endless choices of PJ sets to land on a design that compliments your style and gives you a nice peaceful sleep.

Whether you’re in a search of the finest female attire or are an experienced connoisseur of the luxury in lingerie, we enjoy every bit of the time finding for you a set that speaks just for you!


We make it an aim to make you feel incredible in every day of every decade, in every shape – from summer bodies to post-pregnancy states to dry winters – we offer you a freedom to change shape as you like and still feel beautiful. We have a collection to fill your top drawers with intimate accessories that are as comfortable as they are sensual, and as luxurious as they are elegant.



Believing that sexy comes in all shapes, all sizes and all colors, we strive to fill our House with lingerie and nightwears that compliments your complexion, your body, your soul, your style, and your mind. Our online and offline stores – integrated and collaborative as they are – comprises of a collection that represents our care for all the moments when you might think of us. We have made available lounge and sleep wears, from basic to sexy, from teenage to bridal, active wears and gifts sets, shape wears and maternity bras, you name your need and we offer you the right choice.


Our products are exotic, with timeless design and sheer beauty, crafted and engineered in factories where art, passion, obsession, and sweat combines to give birth to intricate patterns from the softest of fabrics, finest of materials and a process of great detail.


Flourish is a leading national supply chain offering the finest quality and trendy intimate wear at affordable prices. We are an inclusive and an empowering brand that celebrates the individuality of our customers and the boundless power of our women to delight them and help them break the norms that restricts them from feeling beautiful and caves them under a shell.


Our bras and panties come in various sizes, for all sizes and shapes of bust and booty, because it’s more than just the size – we make it personal between you and us.


Offering you an endless variety of artisanal pieces with benefits more than a few, never letting ourselves limited to ideas, we work to create designs that are timeless and elegant, delivering you a change that makes you happy and delighted.


Always in an attempt to break new ground, present what you least expected, and surprise you after every round. Our innovation extends along the lines of design and style, simplicity and elegance and combination within accessories. We have something no one would have offered, a variety in wear with one pattern, one design but multiple styles – check our gift sets for it is just a trailer, we are developing with more to come!


We are more than just outer beauty and quick deliveries; we believe in best customer service to keep them attracted and that begins by providing the best quality. Our designs and innovations are led by the best solution in material and fabric, molded and engineered under finest supervision and through detailed machinery.